Clear Removes Offensive Posts from Your Social Media Accounts

If you have a social media account (and most of us do), then you’ve probably posted something you regretted later on in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram lifetime. Whether it’s an offensive tweet, a mean Facebook status, or an inappropriate photo, it’s out there for everyone to see and talk about.

Social Media Phone

Of course, you can remove the said status/image, but what if you forget it’s floating online, and one day it just comes back to haunt you? It could land you into a whole lot of trouble, especially when it comes to your job. This is where the new iOS app called Clear comes into picture.

Clean Up Your Social Media History

A Twitter post was all it took for Clear’s creator, Ethan Czahor, to lose his dream job. After that, he wanted to make sure that “situations like mine never happen to anyone ever again”. That’s when Clear was born.

Clean up your social media accounts

What clear does is connect to your social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (at the moment) – and search for any offensive terms on your feeds, as well as possible offensive terms, such as references to race, religion, and sexual orientation. Once the search is complete, the app gives you a report with your posts, where you can choose to either delete them immediately, or take a screenshot of them first. Either way, you continue your social media life with a clean slate.

The app is a work in progress, so expect some bugs if you get around to using it. Signing up on the App Store will get you on the waiting list, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer before cleaning your social media history.