How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPad

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can watch your favourite YouTube videos on your iPad without an Internet connection, the answer is yes, you can. In this guide we’ll show you how to download videos directly to your iPad without iTunes – for free. All you need is an app called the Video Downloader Super Lite.

Download YouTube videos to your iPad

Download YouTube videos directly to your iPad for free.

1. Go to the App Store and find the app mentioned above. Install the free version (there’s also the one you need to pay for).
2. Next, launch the app – tap on the icon with an orange arrow pointing downwards.
3. The app should open on the Browse tab and should automatically go to YouTube. In order to search for a certain video, select the magnifying glass icon and then type in your search term.
4. Once you’ve found the video you want to download, tap on it. It will buffer and start playing.
5. A pop-up box should appear on your screen, offering you an option to Save to Memory (in the form of a red button). Tap on it to download the video.

To check on the downloading progress or to access your downloaded videos, just tap on the Downloads tab. You can watch your videos within the app only – you cannot access them from your iPad’s Videos app.