Dr. Dre’s Golden Gift

Dr. Dre’s Beats brand was founded in 2006, and it’s best known for its fashionable and, according to some, overpriced headphones. However, if you want something prestigious and different from your everyday, regular headphones, then Dr. Dre’s Beats are the way to go.

Dr. Dre Beats Pro Golden Version

The commercial starring Naomi Campbell.

The company’s partnered up with various celebrities and events since its humble beginnings, and this year, Dr. Dre’s decided to award the winning team of the World Cup 2014 with a special version of the Beats Pro headphones. The German football team will be given a golden version of the headphones, which look pretty stunning, in our opinion.

The company’s created an ad for the special version of these headphones, starring the world-famous model, Naomi Campbell. You can check out the video below. :)

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