New Emojis Expected to Arrive in 2016

New Emojis for 2016

You and your friend could have an entire conversation consisting just of tiny colourful pictures and chances are you’d understand each other perfectly. Some would say even better than if you were simply using words. Something about a picture and a thousand words. These tiny images (as your grandma calls them) or emojis have, in a way, transcended the regular form of conversation and the need for new ones is constantly on the rise. The Unicode emoji subcommittee announced 38 new emojis they’re considering for the next year, so let’s have a look at what graphic delight 2016 might be bringing us.

The Long-Awaited Arrival of the Bacon and Potato Emojis

While we're waiting for the bacon emoji

Some of the proposed emojis were the direct answer to popular public request. Apparently, we haven’t been able to fully express ourselves without the bacon, avocado, croissant, potato and cucumber emojis. Understandable.

All Hands On Deck

On the other hand (no pun intended), we can expect a few useful emojis conveying hand gestures like the call-me hand, selfie, left and right-facing fists (perfect for fist-bumping your buddy), handshake (how is it possible this hasn’t existed before now? how were business deals even made?) and the hand with its first and index fingers crossed, you know, for good luck.

A Miscellany of Smileys

Then there are the really vital emojis like the face palm and shrug (which could replace the vastly popular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoticon; though, we hope not). Followed by a pregnant lady, clinking glasses and the wilted flower (Beauty and the Beast style). A face with a cowboy hat, as well. For all your Texan needs.

Ultimately, if you ever wished to tell the story of the epic battle between a duck and a bat over a croissant on a motor scooter—2016 could be your year.