Exercise with Puro’s Universal Armbands

Summer and great weather are finally here, and sports enthusiasts will probably be more than happy to go out and exercise the first chance they get. Whether you belong to a group of people that likes to have their phone with them at all times or you just like to listen to your music on it, you’re going to like Puro’s Universal Armbands.

Universal Armbands by Puro

Always have your phone with you while exercising.

The Universal Armband is made of durable, elastic neoprene and will hold all smartphones with a screen up to 5 inches. The armband itself is adjustable, so it will fit comfortably and securely to your arm, and you won’t have to worry about losing it while you’re jogging or exercising at your local gym. The armband also comes with a front shield that both protects your phone’s screen and allows you to view your phone’s display at any time. Puro’s Armbands give you full access to all vital controls and the headphone jack while your phone is secured inside the armband.

The Universal Armband is available in black, pink and lime green, and you can get it at the price of 19,50 euros. :)