Flic: A Wireless Smartphone Button

The Flic project was launched yesterday at Indiegogo, and the campaign will last until January 3, 2015. Flic’s creators are looking to raise $80,000 to make this project a reality, but before we continue, you probably want to know what Flic is. :)

Control your smartphone with Flic

Flic is a wireless shortcut button that connects to your smartphone and lets you control some of its functions and apps without actually touching your phone. You can create a shortcut to text your friend your location, to play music, to turn the lights on, etc.

Connect as many as you like to your iOS or Android device and launch actions with the press of a button. No more fumbling with your device by unlocking the screen, searching for an app to activate a function. Just stick Flic where you would need it such as your car, around your house, on your bike or even at work.

The button works with the Flic app, where you can easily set everything up and predefine its functions – Click, Double Click and Hold.

If you’d like to learn more about Flic or pledge, head over to its official Indiegogo page. In the meantime, check out the video below. :)