Nanosuction Pads As a Selfie Stick Substitute

Selfie sticks have been conquering the world one tourist at a time, but there are still some of us who aren’t quite ready to surrender. Maybe these new nanosuction pads called StuckOnz are what we’ve been waiting for all along.

Stick Your Phone, Take a Selfie

StuckOnz on wooden surface

What does nanosuction do, anyway? As an adhesion technique, it uses microscopic suction cups to create a bond, much like the way geckos can stick their toes to just about any known surface (including Teflon, apparently; but why anyone would put a gecko in a pan is beyond us). The adhesive side of these StuckOnz would go on your phone or tablet, so you could stick them anywhere before taking a selfie—be it a window, wall, mirror or any metal, wood or plastic surface.

Applying StuckOnz to your smartphone

In theory, you could stick these microsuction pads on anything remotely smooth, but still you might want to avoid hellish temperatures or below zeroes—so Turkish baths and ice chambers are off limits. Wet and oily won’t do the trick, either. Also, if your device is a bit more on the heavy side, you’ll probably need two StuckOnz to support its weight.

Keep Your Smartphone On Your Wireless Charger

The good news is the pads won’t undermine your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or wireless charging. In fact, you can use a StuckOn to make sure the device doesn’t fall off your wireless charger or car dashboard.

StuckOnz have reached their minimum crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo and are currently gunning for $10,000. As we wait to see what the future brings, the question remains—do these nanosuction pads stand a chance against the universally popular selfie sticks and could StuckOnz, perhaps, replace them entirely?