Nokia Working on a New Android Phone?

Although Nokia can’t release any new smartphones under the Nokia brand for another 10 years (courtesy of Microsoft’s acquisition of the company), rumour has it that the popular Finnish manufacturer is working on a new Android smarpthone. The agreement with Microsoft is not to release any new phones, but it cannot stop Nokia from designing new phones.

New Nokia Smartphone

According to a recent report, Nokia’s team that made the Nokia N9 is working on a new flagship smartphone. There are no details on what the company’s plans are for this phone and what brand name the upcoming device will be released under. Before Microsoft’s takeover, Nokia released a number of Android devices, including the Nokia X, the Nokia XL, and the XL+, however, the new device might be released under a different brand name.

Seeing that it’s just a rumour for now, you should take this piece of info with a grain of salt. Once we have more details, we will let you know.