Introducing Periscope: The Newest Live Broadcasting App

With a wide range of vastly popular social networking apps that allow you to post all kinds of video content of any length — be it a quick 6-second Vine of a beat-boxing baby, 10 seconds of your best friend’s cat meowing in that particularly heart-warming way or a full-on Facebook video documenting your team of choice’s latest epic victory — we’re all used to tirelessly viewing, commenting, sharing and even posting our own content whenever we feel like it.

Periscope: live broadcasting application

While Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter offer a more or less similar service, none of them come with the option to broadcast your life live as if you have your very own TV channel. Twitter, apparently, took notice and spawned the Meerkat app with this exact intention in mind, immediately after which they adopted another newborn application called Periscope, a live video streaming app currently generating all the hype. So, what’s the big deal with this one?

Share Your Most Exciting Moments in Life Live

By tapping the broadcast button on your smartphone, you can start streaming your life as it happens to you directly onto the internet and your followers. Your viewers can chat with you while watching your feed and comment on your current shenanigans as if they’re right there with you as they unravel. You don’t have to wait for the most important moment of your life (by which we mean finding an Elvis-shaped oil stain on the ground, of course) to be over in order to publish it on the internet — it will already be on the web when it’s done.

Why Periscope Might Be the Next Big App

You may be thinking: “Why not do this with Skype or Facetime?” Well, perhaps Periscope’s option to limit your broadcast to certain followers might be of interest to you. And not only that, but Periscope automatically stores your video on your profile as soon as the broadcast ends, making it possible for you and your followers to revisit it at any time.