Protective Skins for Your iPhone 5

If you own an iPhone 5, then you know that there’s a wide range of cases and covers for it on the market. You can take your pick from the leather, patterned, silicone, colourful, black and white, and other types of protective accessories, and find the one that will fit your personality and your phone the best. However, if you’d prefer something a little bit different, then we recommend taking a look at our decorative protective skin stickers. :)

Protective skins for iPhone 5

Decorate and protect your phone with one of these skins.

We should probably make it clear – these are not covers by any means, but skin stickers. You can place them directly on your phone or on your phone’s cover/case. The skins are created from the finest materials available, and they are really easy to install and remove. They fit to your device perfectly and are thick enough to protect it from scratches, yet thin enough to work with cases and other smartphone accessories. You should try to cover as much of your phone as you can, because this way it’s protected to the maximum and looks fully customized. :)

Whether you choose a skin with an interesting mosaic pattern or an image of a black hole, you can be sure that your phone will become very unique. :)