Samsung’s Android Wear to Launch at Google’s I/O Conference

According to a recent rumour, Samsung might release its Android Wear smartwatch this week at Google’s annual I/O conference.

Android Wear Smartwatch

Samsung might release its Android Wear Smartwatch this week.

Samsung announced its first smartwatch a while back and released a list of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who will release smartwatches powered by Samsung’s OS. This list includes LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. Now, the folks at CNET are saying that Android Wear will be similar to the Gear watches Samsung launched earlier this year. Sources also say that Samsung is actually working on two models of the smartwatch: one with a Qualcomm processor, the other with an Exynos processor.

Google’s I/O conference starts on June 25 in San Francisco, and we’ll find out then whether Samsung will release one or two versions of Android Wear, and which one we’ll see first. LG and Motorola have also announced their own smartwatches and we’re hoping to see them at the conference, as well.

As usual, stay tuned for more information.