Takee 1: World’s First Holographic Phone?

Technology is moving forward at a fact pace and things that seemed impossible ten years ago,  could now easily become a reality. Remember how you used to watch sci-fi movies and wish that you had a holographic device back in the day? Well, now you might be able to get one, because a phone called the Takee 1 is hoping to kick off this trend.


The phone will come with a pair of cameras in the front that will track your face and tweak the UI to create a depth effect. The Takee 1 will be able to scan real world images using the camera to create 3D objects. After that, you’ll be able to have those objects 3D printed. According to the Takee 1’s creators, the phone will use in-air controls, which will allow the user to manipulate holographic images that will float above the phone’s display.

Other Takee 1 specs include a 5.5in Full HD display, a 13-megapixel rear camera, an octa-core processor, 32GB of built-in storage and a 2,500mAh battery. The company says that the phone will be available in black, white and a special 18k gold edition.

The pricing and release details are yet to be revealed, but you can check out the video of the Takee 1 in action below. Although the entire idea reminds us a bit of Amazon’s Fire Phone and Google’s Project Tango, it still sounds pretty impressive to us. What do you guys think?