The Most Downloaded Android Apps of 2014

Apps all around us, and if you own a mobile phone, then you probably have all of your favourite ones on it. You know which ones we are talking about – those that you check each morning when you wake up and then right before you go to sleep each night. Well, if you want to download and install even more apps, then you are going to appreciate the list that folks at Google Play shared with the public a while ago. :)

Most Downloaded Android Apps 2014

What follows are the most downloaded Android apps by category:

1. Music – Pandora (free)

Pandora Android App

2. Social – Facebook (free)

Facebook App3. Education – Duolingo (free)

Duolingo App4. Travel – TripAdvisor (free)

TripAdvisor App5. Sports – NFL Mobile (free)

NFL Mobile App

6. Entertainment – Netflix (free, but with subscription)

Netflix App

7. Photography – Flipagram (free)

Flipagram App8. Health and Fitness – MyFitnessPal (free)

MyFitnessPal App

It’s interesting to see how, e.g. Pandora remained a fan favourite, despite there being a number of music streaming services out there. Duolingo has been popular for years, thanks to its fun and effective approach to learning a new language. MyFitnessPal was the top growing categroy in 2014 on the Android marketplace, and it really makes sure that all of your health data is in one place.

 In case you need more app suggestions, you can also check out App Store’s Best Apps of 2014 – most of them are available for Android as well. :)

Which app did you use the most in 2014?