Microsoft’s Skype Translator Demonstrated

This week, Microsoft’s been showing off its new Skype Translator at the Code Conference. The Translator should help people speaking different languages communicate via Skype in real-time. The beta version of the Translator has been created and will become available for Windows 8 by the end of 2014, but this tech won’t be available to […]

Listen to a Remix of iPhone Ringtones

MetroGnome, a DJ and a music producer, put out a new track in which he remixed standard iPhone ringtones. Apple fans will surely love this! You can download the track for free and even make it a ringtone on your iPhone. MetroGnome added that you can use the track for any YouTube and social media videos, […]

Take Great Photos with This Touchscreen Sports Camcorder

If you’re a sports and an outdoor enthusiast, there are probably a number of fantastic moments during your activities worth capturing. With this Full HD Waterproof Touchscreen Sports Camcorder, you can easily take photos while skiing, swimming, rock-climbing, skydiving and more! The camcorder measures about 74mm x 52mm x 33mm, weighs 70g (with battery) and […]