Music & Style: Marley Soul Rebel Headphones

Sometimes, when you’re listening to your favourite songs, you not only want the sound quality to be fantastic, but to look good, too. Thankfully, there are a number of great headphones available on the market in different colours, patterns and sizes, and you’ll almost certainly find a pair to fit your personality and your style. […]

Samsung’s Android Wear to Launch at Google’s I/O Conference

According to a recent rumour, Samsung might release its Android Wear smartwatch this week at Google’s annual I/O conference. Samsung announced its first smartwatch a while back and released a list of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who will release smartwatches powered by Samsung’s OS. This list includes LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. Now, the folks at […]

Amazon Unveils the Fire Phone

Amazon has officially unveiled its first smartphone today, called the Fire Phone. Amazon’s phone offers the unique 3D UI dubbed Dynamic Perspective, which changes what’s depicted on the phone’s screen depending on where you are in relation to the phone. The phone does this by tracking your eyes with special cameras found in the front […]

More Than 100 Android Smartphones from Samsung

The company, founded in 1938 under the name “Samsung” (meaning “three stars” in Korean), could definitely be called the leader in all areas that have something to do with electronics. From TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines to mobile phones and tablets. When you think of Samsung, you think of quality. Although Samsung was not the […]