Clear Removes Offensive Posts from Your Social Media Accounts

If you have a social media account (and most of us do), then you’ve probably posted something you regretted later on in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram lifetime. Whether it’s an offensive tweet, a mean Facebook status, or an inappropriate photo, it’s out there for everyone to see and talk about. Of course, you can remove the said […]

IKEA Rolls Out Wireless Charging Furniture in Europe

Why bother with messy and tangled cables all around your home, when you can simply use IKEA’s products to charge up your device? The famous Swedish company has a new line of furniture for its customers in Europe, one that comes with wireless charging pads for recharging your mobile phone. Of course, in order to […]

Huawei’s Ascend P8 Will Light Up Your World on April 15

After months of rumours, Huawei will finally unveil its upcoming flagship smartphone – the Huawei Ascend P8 – on April 15. To make things even more exciting, the company’s released a teaser trailer recently that’s highly dramatic, and hints at possible camera enhancements. Walking around the city, the man in the trailer captures all the […]

HTC Announces the HTC One M9+

Ever since the MWC 2015 and the release of the One M9, we’ve been hearing rumours about a larger One M9+, as well as two One E9 models. Today, the popular Taiwanese manufacturer officially launched the HTC One M9+ at a press event in Beijing, China. The One M9+ comes with a 5.2” QHD display, […]

Aluminium Batteries Are Faster, Safer, and Cheaper

Scientists at Stanford have developed an aluminium battery that is better than alkaline, Li-Ion, and other batteries in every possible way. Not only are they safer and inexpensive, but they will allow you to charge your phone in just one minute. “We have developed a rechargeable aluminum battery that may replace existing storage devices, such […]