First Look at Android M

Months and months of wild speculation later we’re finally here—Android M is no longer just a rumour, but an official update (albeit in its early days and nameless, still). We’ll need to wait a few more months till Android M’s formally succeeded Lollipop on the throne, but in the meantime, nothing’s stopping us from going […]

The Sony Xperia Z3+ Release Date Revealed

Mark your calendars—the Sony Xperia Z3+ smartphone, which was announced last Autumn and renamed from Z4 to Z3+ in various countries just recently, finally has a release date: the 15th of June. The long-awaited device is a smoother, slimmer and lighter upgrade of the 2014 flagship, with a more impressive front camera and a remarkably long-lasting battery. The […]

MTP Picks: Top 3 Qi Wireless Chargers

Are you ready to keep up with the times and finally try out the wonders of wireless charging? Smart choice. Just sit back, relax and let us introduce you to some of the best wireless chargers on MyTrendyPhone, designed to make your life easier. 1. Oregon Scientific QW201 Time and Wireless Charger First stop, the Oregon Scientific QW201 […]

Introducing Periscope: The Newest Live Broadcasting App

With a wide range of vastly popular social networking apps that allow you to post all kinds of video content of any length — be it a quick 6-second Vine of a beat-boxing baby, 10 seconds of your best friend’s cat meowing in that particularly heart-warming way or a full-on Facebook video documenting your team of choice’s latest epic […]

Oppo Officially Announces the R7 and R7 Plus Smartphones

The long-announced Oppo flagship tandem has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, but today’s news have finally made it official: the high-end R7 and R7 Plus smartphones will be waiting for you to take them home in the nearest future. Continuing the tradition of producing phones popular for their sleek make-up, both newest Oppo […]

Make Your Own Emoji with the Imoji App

Apple may have rolled out a bunch of new emoji symbols recently, but even with such diversity, you might feel like you need something more personal – an emoji that represents exactly how you feel. A character which is entirely your own. What if you could make one all by yourself? The good news is that you […]