5 Things to Expect from Windows 10

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or 10,000 leagues under the sea, you’ve surely heard Windows 10 is almost here. There are tons of details we’re looking forward to seeing (and reviewing) once Windows 10 hits us—or more specifically our laptops, tablets and smartphones—but for now let’s focus on, say, 5 items we can expect […]

70% of World’s Population Using Smartphones by 2020

Sure, everyone and their grandma has a smartphone nowadays. That kid on the bus doesn’t look a day over six—what’s he doing with an iPhone? You don’t know, but for some reason, you’re almost used to it. And at some point, apart from rolling your eyes, you start rolling with it, too. It’s the program. […]

New Emojis Expected to Arrive in 2016

You and your friend could have an entire conversation consisting just of tiny colourful pictures and chances are you’d understand each other perfectly. Some would say even better than if you were simply using words. Something about a picture and a thousand words. These tiny images (as your grandma calls them) or emojis have, in […]