4 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Android Smartphone

If you’re an Android phone owner, then you’re familiar with tons of built-in apps that you use on a daily basis. And they’re mostly fine. Solid, even. However, if you’re not easily satisfied with ‘fine’ or ‘solid’, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a way to quickly improve the most basic of your OS’s features, […]

Top 3 Fun and Handy Apps to Shake Things Up

Feel like you’re slowly getting tired of the (few) (dozen) apps you use on a daily basis? If your answer is at least ‘some of them, I guess’ or a plain and straight-forward ‘yes, I’m in severe need of change, help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope’, then feel free to check out these […]

Meet and Greet Time: the iPhone 6s, the 6s Plus and the iPad Pro

Every year, the Cupertino giant manages to successfully tickle the minds (and pockets) of numerous devoted fans and (potential) consumers across the world. This time Apple is here with several new devices: an upgraded Apple TV, the improved Apple Watch, two tablets by the name of the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 and a couple of […]

The iPhone 6S Force Touch to Allegedly Recognize Three Different Taps

There’s been much speculation going around as to what features the new iPhones will sport. Some seem pretty likely, some rather far-fetched (no, the phones will probably not be dateable Her-style… yet). Still, one purported spec in particular seems to continually crop up in most of the gossip and that’s the Force Touch technology the latest MacBook trackpads and […]