Here Come the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Hold onto your pants, everyone – the shiniest and newest flagship smartphones by Samsung and LG are officially here! Called the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the LG G5 respectively, they all offer impressive specs, interesting features, and beautiful designs that Android fans all over the world will love. What’s so special […]

Phones to Look Forward to at the Mobile World Congress 2016

The Mobile World Congress is definitely the biggest event of the year for all the up and coming smartphones, tablets, and wearables, and the MWC 2016 should be more than exciting for the world of tech. The show officially kicks off on the 22nd of February and closes on the 25th, but some companies – including Samsung […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with MyTrendyPhone

Have you started preparing for the most romantic day of the year? We’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day and there’s no time to waste! If you are in search of that one, perfect present for the special person in your life, then you are going to love what we have in store for you. In this week […]

Expect Google Search to Get a Lot Smarter in the Near Future

If you think that Google is smart right now, just imagine how intelligent it will become once the company’s head of AI, John Giannandrea, takes over search responsibilities. On wednesday, Google announced that the current head of search, Amit Singhal, is retiring at the end of February, and that Giannandrea is to replace him. This move not […]