3 Chrome Extensions to Make Gmail (Even More) Amazing

Okay, let’s face it—in this day and age it’s almost impossible to think that you don’t have a Gmail account. What’s even more likely than having a Gmail account is having… several Gmail accounts—be it your strictly personal one, your business email account, your gaming alias or an email registered to your brand name, association or company. And while you’re probably more than satisfied with your relationship with Google’s very own email platform, we’re here to tell you that it can get even better. How? By installing these three Chrome extensions designed to improve your emailing experience.

Three Chrome Extensions for Gmail

Full Contact: Know Your Gmail Contacts

Full Contact Gmail Extension

You know when you receive an email from an unknown sender? Well, Full Contact makes sure they aren’t so unknown the moment their message lands in your inbox. This extension lets you see the person’s photos, social networking profiles and job titles right off the bat. Not only that, but it also allows you to scroll down their latest Facebook statuses and tweets, with the option of you even adding your own notes to the contact’s name.

Snapmail: Burn After Reading

Snapmail Extension for Gmail

Need to send or receive very sensitive or confidential info (because you may or may not work for a Top Secret Government Organization)? Then Snapmail is the extension for you. Okay, you don’t have to be a secret agent to use it; say you need to send a password and you really don’t want anyone having it lying around their account. All you need to do is press the little Snapmail button next to the Send button and an URL will be created. Then the recipient can click on the link and once the message’s been opened, the person has 60 seconds to read it before it self-destructs. Pretty Mission Impossible, isn’t it? Or Inspector Gadget, if that’s more of your thing. Either way, it’s useful and, let’s face it, kinda fun.

Mixmax: Your Personal Email Assistant

Mixmax Extension for Gmail

Mixmax, quite simply, strives to make email awesome. Once you install the extension, you can schedule meetings instantly to save time, set emails to send later and even track your sent mail and know when it’s been opened and by whom. The extension also lets you create multiple templates you can reuse, so you don’t have to waste time typing up the exact same messages every time there’s a similar situation. Basically, if you are big on time efficiency, this is your future favourite add-on without a doubt.

Want to see your Gmail become more amazing than before? Ready, set, download.