MTP Picks: Top 4 Nifty Back-to-school Apps

So, you’ve had a full summer—you’ve been to the beach, you’ve travelled around for a bit, maybe backpacked across Europe, you’ve chilled next to the city pool, you’ve gone shopping, danced with your girlfriends, played your favourite video games and worn as little clothing as possible while lounging around the house. Why? Because you could and because, darn it, it felt good. But now it’s (almost) time to go back. Back to the so-called real world and more specifically, school and studying. It’s probably bumming you out a bit (a lot)—when was the last time you had to hold a pen or flip through a book that didn’t focus on alien invaders or hot summer flings—so we’re here to make the transition as painless as possible. Allow us to us present to you our top 4 back-to-school apps that are sure to help you out in these trying times.

4 Back-to-school Apps

1. MyHomework App: Planning Made Easy

myHomework app

Homework, right? You have to do it, no matter if you’re a high-schooler or a university undergrad. It can get a bit messy and confusing, though, especially when you have to keep all those deadlines and assignments in mind. When’s this project proposal due? Have I written the abstract already? Before another three zillion questions occupy your still relaxed mind—myHomework conveniently steps in. With this app, keeping track of your numerous notes and class schedules will be a piece of cake. It can sync up with your desktop, so your smartphone and computer will both be up to date with all your tasks.

2. Rise ‘n’ Shine with Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock Plus application

Still on the holiday clock? Can’t wake up for the 8am class to save your life? Why not try the Alarm Clock Plus app which allows you to customize how and when you’re gonna be waking up. You can set up everything—from songs and noises that are going to be your wake-up call to how long you want to be snoozing. Your alarm can slowly fade in or even make you solve a math puzzle in order to turn it off—whatever it takes to get you to actually leave your bed. Especially recommended for nasty Monday mornings.

3. Accomplish More with the Freedom App

Freedom app

Okay, but your mind keeps wandering off to that particularly fun night with your friends when you went skinny dipping and later curled up to the bonfire, singing summer tunes all night long. And then you make it worse by going through the Facebook memories of that evening and relive it over and over again because you just can’t seem to let go. Focus, brain, focus. The leaves have changed and no one’s in their swimsuits anymore. If merely yelling at yourself to concentrate doesn’t seem to be helping, here’s a useful app for you called Freedom that will block your digital distractions and make you be more productive. Goodbye incessant Facebook scrolling, hello attention and your scholarly A-game!

4. Happify: Your Personalized Happiness

Happify app

Finally, you deserve a break too, you little hardworking ant, you! Happify is an app that can help balance out the stress and much needed relief. Through a series of cheerful games and activities, you can reboot your happiness in a matter of seconds! Boosting your positive emotions is extremely important as it adds to your overall satisfaction and will in turn make you even more productive when you need it the most.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your phone, give these four productivity apps a shot and start feeling slightly more optimistic about returning to school immediately! :)