5 Cool iOS 9 Features You Didn’t Know About

Most iOS users have already switched to the latest version of Apple’s operating system—iOS 9—that is, if they happen to own an iPhone 4s or a newer device. Still, even if you’ve had months to explore the OS’s new and improved features, there may yet be a few hidden options you still haven’t got around to using. Quite frankly, you might not even know they’re there. So, without further ado, here are five iOS 9 features that you should immediately give a look-see if you haven’t already.

Hidden iOS 9 Features

Hide Unflattering and/or Private Photos

Let’s face it—we all have those Few Special Photos we don’t want anyone to see. And a bunch of pictures that are for our eyes only… for various reasons. So, how do you shield them from other people? By using the ‘Hide Photo’ feature. Once you’ve hidden the image, it will no longer exist in your Moments, Collections or Years, but they’ll still be in your album.

Explore the Selfie Folder

iOS 9 Selfies

With the latest iOS update, all your front camera photos automatically get saved in a folder designed for selfies called, quite surprisingly, ‘Selfies’. Yeah, Apple really made sure you don’t dwell on the nature of that one, didn’t it? All jokes aside, it’s really convenient as your search for a new profile pic or Instagram self-portrait truly won’t last more than a few clicks.

Your Search Bar Is a Calculator?

Ignore the question mark, because, yes, your search bar really does do the same thing as your Calculator app now. Simply type in the numbers and math symbols in the bar and the phone will instantly calculate your answer.

Prolong Battery Life with the Low Power Mode Option

iOS 9 Low Power Mode

We’ve already mentioned this one before, but, honestly, it is that important. To save power, all you need to do is enable the Low Power Mode feature and you’re good to go! Go to Settings > Battery and move the slider to On. Your battery bar will change its colour from green to yellow, which is how you’ll know the Low Power Mode is officially on and your battery power consumption has been reduced.

Doodle Directly on Photos

Ending this list with a fun feature—drawing on photos! Why not doodle a lightning bolt on your baby’s forehead—come on, Harry Potter lovers, you know it’s tempting—or simply highlight an important bit of your brand new snapshot? Either way, how you’re going to achieve that goal is by pressing down on the photo and choosing ‘markup’, which then leads you to a screen where you can doodle, write, magnify parts of the image and add text.

Trust us, there’s more where these five came from, but perhaps we’ll leave it for some other time. Or, better yet, you can discover more hidden iOS 9 features on your own and share them with us? :)