6 Horrible Ways to Ruin Your iPhone 6/6 Plus

Videos of people destroying their phones in every possible way have become very popular, and today we decided to show you some of the strangest ones.

iPhone 6 getting destroyed

Some think that such videos are inconsiderate and terrible, because they who people destroying things that others could never acquire. We are not fans of them ourselves, but we must admit that it was interesting to watch some of these videos.

TechRax is one of the most popular YouTube users who shoots videos of different smartphones, tablets and game consoles getting destroyed. He has over 1.36 million followers on YouTube, and these are top iPhone 6 or 6 Plus ruin videos made by him.

#6 iPhone 6 Plus vs. a Molotov Cocktail

Just what the title says. TechRax threw a Molotov Cocktail on an iPhone 6 Plus.

#5 iPhone 6 Plus vs. a Taser

TechRax also wanted to see what happens if you “attack” an iPhone 6 Plus with a taser!

#4 iPhone 6 vs. Hot Ice (Sodium Acetate)

If you do not like what TechRax does, wait for 2:50 (karma).

#3 iPhone 6 vs. Coca Cola + Heat

We’ve seen people cook different mobile phones all over YouTube, but it appears that wasn’t enough. What we got is an iPhone 6 in a boiling Coca Cola.

#2 iPhone 6 vs. Molten Aluminiuim


#1 iPhone 6 Plus vs. a Tank

Drastic and unnecessary – run over by a tank!

What do you think about theses videos?