7 Apple Music Features You Will Immediately Dig

Ladies and gents, the moment has finally arrived—the long-announced Apple Music is here (fanfare, please)! We’ve already discussed and debated and speculated about the app and now what else is there left to do but get straight to the point and give you the highlights of the app.

1. Genres and Artists of Your Heart

Choosing genres with Apple Music

As soon as you set up your Apple Music account, you’ll be asked to choose your favourite artists and genres. A bunch of bubbles will pop op on the screen (indie, rock, jazz, oldies, hits—you name it!) and all you have to do is tap those that are of interest to you. If you find a genre a complete no-no, just hold it longer and it’ll be gone forever. Similarly, you can select musicians you like by tapping their name once or twice in case you luuurve them. Pretty easy and useful, right? Especially considering the next feature.

2. New Discoveries

Finding new bands to fall in love with is ridiculously easy, since Apple Music handpicks bands and artists you’re likely to enjoy based on the genres and musicians you’ve already selected.

3. What Are Your Faves Up to?

Apple Music Connect tab

Moving on to the Connect tab. This feature essentially represents a small social network inside the app which allows you to follow and connect with your favourite artists. They can share photos, videos, interviews or simply what they’re up to at that moment and you can interact with them, much like you would on Twitter or Instagram, except having all these things in one place does seem
especially convenient, doesn’t it?

4. Merge Your Libraries

You probably already have your faves though, so why not access them through Apple Music, as well? To enter your library through the app, you simply need to tap “My Music” and all the tunes you
already own will be waiting for you. Moreover, all the songs you add from the streaming service will be there, too.

5. Run Your Own Radio Station

Next stop—making your own radio station. If there’s a song you particularly fancy, you can create a station that will feature more songs like that tune.

6. Infinite Choice of Apple Music Playlists

Apple Music Playlists

There are already a gazillion (real statistic) playlists on Apple Music and all you need to do is click on one to add it to your music library, so you can return to it afterwards.

7. Save Tunes for Later

Apple Music Save Tracks for Later

Speaking of coming back later, there’s a whole separate feature that lets you save tracks for future listening. In case you can’t dedicate your full attention to a tune at a given point (maybe you’re on a bus or in the middle of a field or wherever else there’s no Wi-Fi), you just need to choose “Make Available Offline” and you can get back to the song sometime in the future when it’s convenient for you.

So, there you have it, folks! We’ve shared our favourite Apple Music features with you, but should you feel like we’ve missed any especially great ones, do let us know! :)