7 Coolest iOS 9 Features

Let’s face it: iOS 9 is pretty cool on its own. Here’s which seven iOS 9 features we have deemed the coolest of them all.

Siri Suggests

Siri Suggestions in Spotlight

Siri gets more proactive with iOS 9 by giving you suggestions based on your preferences. What do we mean by that? If you tend to call your girlfriend every time your shift ends or you usually drift to sleep scrolling down your Instagram feed (just one more photo and I’m goin’ to bed, I swear!), that’s exactly what you’re gonna find in your Spotlight: your most-called contacts and your most-used apps. Thank you, Siri. Mighty helpful of you.

Interactive Music

Speaking of proactivity: the second you plug your earbuds in your iPhone, the Music app is launched. Also, what’s even more fun, the song that you’re most likely to be listening at that time of day will pop up, so your relaxing routine stays intact.

Where to Next?

iOS 9 Maps

Maps now recommends nearby local business. Just tap the Music & Drama, Parks & Rec or Sports icons and you’ll instantly get a list of close-by places that will cater to your diverse artistic and fitness needs.

Two Apps at Once

It’s really simple (and useful): iOS 9 lets you view two apps at the same time. However, this particular feature is only available for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 users. Lucky buggers.

Low Power Mode

iOS 9 Low Power Mode

Every time you reach 20 percent of your battery, Low Power Mode prompt will turn itself on automatically. Your iPhone will helpfully notify you which apps and features will be disabled for the time being, after which you can “Continue” and launch the Low Power Mode or “Cancel” and go about your business normally. Apparently, you can save up to three hours of battery with the Low Power Mode on! Also, you can select the mode whenever you like—not just when your battery’s about to give out—and the mode will shut itself down when the battery’s charged up to a certain point. Pretty neat, huh?

Back to Previous Apps

A really tiny feature, but a helluva good thing: the back button. It’s just what you think it is: a button that allows you to return to the app you previously used with a simple tap. Easy, quick and time-saving.

Play It Again, Siri!

Siri's new iOS 9 commands

We started with Siri, we’re gonna finish off with Siri (who’s, by the way, got a lot smarter since the last time you saw her). She now answers to complex questions like, “Hey, Siri, what’s the best linguine place in the city?” or “How’s the weather tomorrow?” or she can be your personal DJ if you tell her to “play the hottest songs from 1988″.

So, these seven have made our cut. How about you? Which iOS 9 features have your undivided attention?