Get Ready for Your Next Vacation with These Travel Apps

Remember how you used to travel before the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets? If you wanted to read something on your beachy vacation, you had to pack your suitcase with a book or two. If you wished to understand and speak a couple of words of French, Italian, or another language, your bag had to contain a dictionary – at least a pocket-sized one. If you wanted to know where to eat in a new town or where to go, you had to ask around or check forums on your computer. Needless to say, things have changed since then, and nowadays you can do all of this and more via various applications. So, before you head over to your next exotic location or a lovely European adventure, make sure to download and install these travel apps on your Android or iOS device. :)

Find Cafes, Restaurants, and More with Foursquare

A phone with the Foursquare app opened

That one app everyone and their grandmother is probably familiar with, but we thought we should mention it nonetheless. When you find yourself in a new city, you can use Foursquare as your guide and find the best places to visit, eat, drink, and more. What the app also offers is the option to read reviews and save places you want to go to.

Use Swackett to Figure Out Which Clothes to Pack

User interface of the Swackett for iOS

If you don’t know what to wear, whether you need an umbrella, or your sunglasses, Swackett will tell you. What this app does is convert weather reports into avatars wearing appropriate clothing for that day. If it’s cold outside, the icon will be dressed in a sweater and a jacket. A hot day? You’ll see the avatar wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

FlightAware Has All the Info About Your Flight

User interface of the FlightAware app

In case there’s a cancellation, a gate change, or a delay of your flight, you will be the first to know about it thanks to FlightAware. Track the real-time status of any commercial flight worldwide and always have all the details at the tips of your fingers.

Kindle Holds All of Your Books in One Place

User interface of the Kindle app for Android

Instead of loading the bottom of your suitcase with a number of books, you can bring e-versions of them with you thanks to the Kindle app. Aside from your favourite and new reading material, you can also find newspapers, magazines, and textbooks through Kindle. The app also offers a number of useful reading options, such as the nighttime mode, instant translations, etc.

Duolingo Helps You Brush up on Your Foreign Language Skills

Duolingo official website

Parlez-vous français? ¿Dónde está el baño? Wieviel kostet das? A fun, free way to learn a new language or at least some useful phrases you might need when you travel abroad. One of our favourites!

Got any other apps to recommend? Tell us all about them! :)