Android Lollipop: Enable the Battery Saver Mode

Android 5.0 comes with a number of new features, one of which is a new battery saver mode. When you enable this feature, it improves the battery life of your device by reducing its performance and putting a limit to background data. So, whenever you need that extra power, you can enable this mode and get up to 90 minutes more on your phone or tablet. :) An orange bar at the top and bottom of your screen will indicate that this mode is turned on.

Enable the Battery Saver Mode

There are two ways to enable this mode on an Android device. The first includes swiping down on your notification drawer until you see battery percentage. Once it’s in your view, tap on the battery icon, followed by the menu button. You’ll be able to enable the battery saver there.

The second method requires you to go to Settings>Battery and then tap on the menu button, where you’ll once again select the battery saver.

Once you have enabled this mode, you can set it to turn on automatically when your battery is at its very end (e.g. at 15 or 5%), and you can set it to never turn on automatically, but your phone will prompt you to turn it on when your battery gets to 15%.