Apple Planning to Discontinue the iPhone 5C in 2015

When Apple launched the iPhone 5C back in September 2013, it was the company’s first shot at creating something a bit different from its usual iPhone lineup. The iPhone 5C came in multiple vibrant colours, and it was made of plastic. It was also cheaper than the iPhone 5S, which was released at the same time. Many believed that Apple would make more phones like the iPhone 5C, but a recent report from Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times claims that the Cupertino giant is planning to discontinue the iPhone 5C in 2015.

iPhone 5C

It’s not the first report to mention this piece of info – last week, Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities Analyst) said that once promotions for the iPhone 5C ended, Apple would stop making it. The same future apparently awaits the iPhone 4S, too. The iPhone 4S and 5C are the only two models left that don’t come with a Touch ID sensor, so it’s no wonder that Apple might want them out of the picture, and only iPhones from 5S and up on the market.

Apple’s known for regularly removing older iPhone and iPad models from its offer, and updating it and focusing on new devices, so this doesn’t come exactly as a surprise. The company recently retired the iPod Classic, as well. If you want to buy the iPhone 5C from Apple itself, you can only get an 8GB version of it. However, you can still find models with more storage on other websites, including MyTrendyPhone.

The iPhone 5C might not have been much when compared to the iPhone 5S and newer iPhone models, but it was a more budget-friendly device that appealed to a lot of users. All we have to say now is: RIP iPhone 5C, it was nice knowing you.