Be Unique with These Headphones

If you’re a music lover like we are, then you’ll find yourself wanting to have the best headphones out there in order to listen to your favourite tunes. :) Sound quality is important, sure, but there are those of us who like to have accessories that are unique, different, and even quirky, which is why we’ve prepared four pairs of headphones for you this week that will help you achieve this goal. :)

SkullCandy GI Stereo Headphones – Rasta

Skullcandy GI Rasta Headphones

With these on, you’ll definitely get noticed when you go out! These GI headphones are a perfect match for lovers of rock, hip hop, and metal, and will provide you with a completely new music experience!

Incipio Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones – Espresso

NX 104 Espresso Headphones

Fans of vintage accessories might find these interesting, because they give off the whole 1970s vibe. :D These headphones are lightweight, and ensure maximum comfort when you are listening to music.

Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Headphones

Xplosives Headphones

Bass has never sounded better than with the Xplosives Headphones! Durable and robust, these headphones will remain your music companion for a long, long time. Soft padded headband and earpads allow you to use them for extended period of time, while the inner red, lining and the XX on the sides, give these headphones a unique touch. ;)

Sony MDR-XB200 Stereo Headphones

Sony XB200 Headphones

A bit more feminine and elegant, these Sony headphones deliver quality sound and rich bass, and provide superior listening comfort. When you put them on, you’ll hear minimal outside noise, which will allow you to enjoy your music in peace. :)