Build Your Own Siri or Cortana with Sirius

If you’ve always wanted to use a voice-activated assistant, but are not happy with Siri, Cortana, or Google Now, you will be glad to hear that you can now create your own assistant. How? With a new open-source platform called Sirius.

Siri Voice Assistant

Developed by the Univesity of Michigan’s Clarity Lab, and backed by Google itself and other companies, Sirius is a voice recognition platform that will let you build your own Siri or Cortana.

“Now the core technology is out of the bag, and we all have access to it. Instead of making an app to run on the Apple Watch, for example, maybe I could make my own watch,” said Jason Mars, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

Sirius developers are currently testing it on Ubuntu desktops, but this assistant could be headed to smartphones in the near future. The video below explains how exactly Sirius works, so check it out! You can learn more about Sirius right here.