New Emojis Expected to Arrive in 2016

You and your friend could have an entire conversation consisting just of tiny colourful pictures and chances are you’d understand each other perfectly. Some would say even better than if you were simply using words. Something about a picture and a thousand words. These tiny images (as your grandma calls them) or emojis have, in […]

Introducing Periscope: The Newest Live Broadcasting App

With a wide range of vastly popular social networking apps that allow you to post all kinds of video content of any length — be it a quick 6-second Vine of a beat-boxing baby, 10 seconds of your best friend’s cat meowing in that particularly heart-warming way or a full-on Facebook video documenting your team of choice’s latest epic […]

Oppo Officially Announces the R7 and R7 Plus Smartphones

The long-announced Oppo flagship tandem has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, but today’s news have finally made it official: the high-end R7 and R7 Plus smartphones will be waiting for you to take them home in the nearest future. Continuing the tradition of producing phones popular for their sleek make-up, both newest Oppo […]

Clear Removes Offensive Posts from Your Social Media Accounts

If you have a social media account (and most of us do), then you’ve probably posted something you regretted later on in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram lifetime. Whether it’s an offensive tweet, a mean Facebook status, or an inappropriate photo, it’s out there for everyone to see and talk about. Of course, you can remove the said […]

Aluminium Batteries Are Faster, Safer, and Cheaper

Scientists at Stanford have developed an aluminium battery that is better than alkaline, Li-Ion, and other batteries in every possible way. Not only are they safer and inexpensive, but they will allow you to charge your phone in just one minute. “We have developed a rechargeable aluminum battery that may replace existing storage devices, such […]

Android Lollipop Tips: Creating Restricted Profiles

Smartphones running Google’s latest OS version – Android 5.0 Lollipop – come with a very useful option that allows you to set up restricted users on your phone. This means that you can limit what your children or your friends do on your phone via a restricted profile. Today we’ll show you how to do […]