Charge Your iPhone 6 Faster with This Trick

Did you know that you can charge your iPhone 6 a lot faster if you use an iPad charger instead of the supplied iPhone charger? This has proved to be the fastest way to charge an iPhone 6 without causing damage to its battery.

Charging iPhone 6 with iPad Charger

Apple fans have long wondered whether charging your iPhone with an iPad charger makes any difference at all – the thing is that an iPad connector is slightly larger and can provide more power for your iPhone. Charging your iPhone with an iPad charger wasn’t recommended for earlier iPhone versions, because you could easily damage the battery, and it wasn’t completely clear whether this actually worked. But with the iPhone 6, you can be sure that it will charge faster if you use an iPad charger – it can take up to 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged. If you do not have an iPad, but wish to try this out, you can obtain an iPad adapter at a reasonable price on our shop. :)

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