Facebook Messenger’s First Game: Doodle Draw

So, Facebook Messenger. Talk about a pretty straightforward app. Sends messages, receives messages, lets you chat, gossip, make plans, share GIFs, sound, video clips and photos with friends and… that’s more or less that. At least, that’s what it’d been until the beginning of June. Now you can use the app to play games with your buddies and the first stop is—Doodle Draw. Especially if you enjoy (laughing at) your friend’s (lack of) artistic skills. And, let’s face it, you do.

Ready, Set… Doodle Draw!

Facebook Messenger's Doodle Draw app

So, how does it work?

Basically, once you install Doodle Draw and decide to challenge a friend to a draw off, you get a list of terms you can choose from and then all you need to do is use your masterful levels of doodling
abilities to get your fellow playmates to guess what on Earth you just drew. Is it a slightly squashed sombrero? A radioactive mushroom? Oh… it’s a UFO. Well, maybe from a different angle. The game, essentially, works like a smartphone version of Pictionary and seems just as fun. Plus, the more points you earn, the more colours you can use and the more your Picasso-esque talent can shine through.

Crisis… Averted?

Initially, there seemed to be a teeny tiny problem on the horizon. Apparently, the idea was that you’d collect points by getting folks to participate in the game. Which, in turn, might’ve resulted in certain people spamming your account. Which may very well have turned out to be the next stage of annoying Facebook game invites you’ve been ignoring since the dawn of time. Or, whenever the hype started. “Do you want to play Candy Crush Sa-” No.

Thankfully, the Doodle Draw developer reacted to the early criticism and removed the feature. Phew. That was a close one.

Facebook Messenger has 600 million users and you’re probably one of them. So, the next time you’re in a group chat use the opportunity to boast your doodling prowess and… may the spirit of Dali be on your side!