Ello Might Become the New Facebook

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of social networks come and go, and among all of them, Facebook always stood out. In fact, it seems like nothing’s been able to challenge Zuckerberg’s creation so far, but that might change in the future. There’s a new platform in the works, called Ello, that might become Facebook’s possible competitor.

Ello Social Network

Ello is a new, clean, still-in-beta social network, that should also offer an “ad-free and porn friendly” user experience. Founded in March by Paul Budnitz (the founder of Kidrobot) and a group of “seven well-known artists and programmers”, Ello is an invitation-only website for now (just like Facebook used to be back in the day), where join requests went from 4,000 per hour to 27,000 per hour the other day. Talk about people being eager to spice things up a bit and join something other than Facebook.

It’s funny how much Ello has already become popular, having in mind that it’s a website with some very basic functions, such as news/friend feed, and there’s no mobile version of it, and no protocols for content flagging or user blocking. According to reports, even the search function doesn’t work properly. But some of the cooler features is that you can apparently separate the people you follow into “friends” and “noise”, which then separates them on your news feed.

Ello Invitation

Safety features and other functions are in the works, but there’s no denying the fact that Ello has exploded all over the internet and that it’s one of the most talked about things at the moment. It could be a year or more before it reaches mass usability, however, but it does sound promising and might really turn out to be different than Facebook.

What do you think about Ello?