Enjoy Your Summer Holidays with This Puro Case

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and at this point, most of us cannot imagine a day go by without them. Even during our precious summer holidays, we carry them with us to the beach, where we use them to listen to our favourite tunes or take photos. :)

We all know that any device can get damaged from the sand, water and sunscreen creams, which is why you mustn’t forget to adequately protect your phone once you hit the beach. If you haven’t found a waterproof bag that fits all your needs just yet, then you might want to take a look at this water-resistant Puro Wallet Case.

Puro Water-Resistant Wallet Case

Puro Wallet Case – Hot Pink

This mobile phone case is not only water-resistant, but also pretty stylish, so you won’t have a problem making it a part of your everyday look. :) Its wallet design allows you to store your credit cards and money (there are three slots inside the case), and the strap makes it easier to carry the case with you.

Puro Water-Resistant Case

Puro Wallet Case – Black

This universal Puro case is made of PVC and is available in black and hot pink at our store. On its back is a transparent window that does not affect the functionality of your phone’s screen, so you can send text messages or read your favourite magazine on the beach without any problems.

A perfect accessory for your summer adventures! :)