Everything Sounds Better with This Panasonic Headset

If you’re a passionate music fan, then you’re well aware of the fact that having quality headphones and sound equipment can make a huge difference when listening to your favourite songs. This week, we’ve picked out a pair of Panasonic headphones that will help you enjoy your music, as well as phone conversations, to the maximum, anytime, anywhere. :)

Panasonic Headphones

Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC, this smart Panasonic RP-BTD10-K Headset connects to your phone via one touch only (simply press the phone to the ear cup). It supports aptX, which means that you can select different modes for different surrounding environments. The headset delivers a rich bass and quality sound, and comes with raised touch buttons that help you control it better.

Panasonic RP-BTD10-K Headphones

Thanks to its design, you can fold the headset easily and save space in your home, your bag, or closet. :) If you like this headset, you can view its specs and check out which devices it is compatible with on our website. If you’d prefer something else, then feel free to take a look at other sound equipment that we have in our offer. :)