Fineck Improves Your Posture and Relieves Neck Pain

There’s an abundance of fitness and activity trackers on the market at the moment, each with its own special features and specs. As you all know, most of these go around your wrist, like a watch or a band, but the team behind the Fineck is looking to change that.

Fineck Activity Tracker

The Fineck is not your run-of-the-mill fitness and activity tracker – it doesn’t trace your steps. It’s designed to monitor and improve your posture, as well as relieve all pain that comes from your neck. Made from silicone and titanium, the Fineck tracks your neck movements, your balance, movement, and posture, and after gathering the necessary data, gives you advice on how to improve all of these.

Nowadays, the majority of people in the world spends a number of hours in front of their computers or mobile phones, which in turn causes neck pain and other problems. The Fineck could solve these and make you feel better.

Fineck Activity Tracker App

Furthermore, the Fineck app comes with a couple of games specifically designed to train your neck, and it’s also waterproof. It’s only available for iOS for now and connects to it via Bluetooth 4.0, but Android users shouldn’t worry, because the app’s in development. The device’s battery will last you for seven days of use, and it takes only an hour to charge.

You can learn more about the Fineck on its official Kickstarter page, and if you’re interested, even pledge and be among the first to get this activity tracker. :) The goal is $200,000 and the tracker should start shipping in April 2015.