Fitbit Announces a ‘Superwatch’ and Two Fitness Bands

The fitness tracker maker, Fitbit, has announced three new wearable devices – the Fitbit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge. The first one is an update of the previous Force tracker, but the other two come with some new technology and features. All three devices will work with Fitbit’s app, so you’ll be able to see your stats in graph form and set specific goals for yourself.

The Charge HR tracks its user’s heart rate at all time, while the ‘superwatch’ Surge (as Fitbit described it) boasts GPS and eight sensors that track your activity and performance during workouts and sports.

Fitbit Announces New Trackers

From left to right: Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge

The Fitbit Charge keeps track of your basic health metrics, such as steps taken, distance traveled, and floors climbed. If you wear it to bed, it will track your sleeping patterns. The Fitbit Charge HR (short for heart rate) detects blood volume changes in your wrist using LED lights only (no need for chest straps). Fitbit claims that the HR was created with more active users in mind, who take their trackers into the gym, but this more advanced technology will drain the HR’s battery faster. The Charge’s will last for seven days, the HR’s for five.

The Fitbit Surge has all the same features as the HR, plus GPS tracking. It also sports a touchscreen display, music controls, and allows its users to see call and text notifications. Its battery will last you for seven days, and Fitbit says that it’s the “only GPS watch designed for all-day wear”.

How do you like these new trackers?