How to Connect the Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro

So, you’ve got your hands on a brand new iPad Pro and you can’t wait to take it for a test drive. You can already picture yourself creating your newest character in full detail—from the unique hairstyle down to the very shoes on their feet, you can almost feel the line art pouring out of your fingers and you absolutely can’t wait to actually draw the first line towards your little masterpiece—but, wait! Aren’t you forgetting something? No, not the sketchbook, this time you’ll be going digital. And, nope, you don’t need a gel ink pen, either. Why? Because you have the Apple Pencil, of course! But before you start creating your next chef d’oeuvre, you’ll need to link the Pencil to the tablet. And here’s how.

Linking the Apple Pencil to the Tablet

Pairing Up the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro

Connecting the two shouldn’t be too hard as they both use Bluetooth tech. Phew, right? But if you look at the Pencil you’ll notice there aren’t any visible buttons to push and make it possible. And… there’s no linking app, either, as other Stylus pens usually do. No worries, though. First you need to take the cap of the Pencil off and you’ll see its Lightning connector there, which can be directly plugged into the bottom of the iPad Pro. And that’s how the pairing process starts.

Final Touches Before the Pairing Up’s Done

Connect the Pencil with the iPad Pro

After you’ve plugged the Pencil in, you’ll see a notification on the tablet’s screen telling you that it’s trying to connect with your Pro. Good. All you now need to do is tap Pair and you’re all done. Your masterful creation is just a pen swipe away! And, more importantly, from now on you’ll be able to use the Pencil without any additional actions. Now… let’s get to work!