How to Speed Up Chrome on an Android Smartphone

If you have an Android phone and often use Google Chrome on it, you can speed it up by following a couple of these simple tips.

A user on Reddit posted this trick that allows you to increase the speed of your Chrome browser on your Android smartphone. Here’s how:

Chrome for Android tips

A useful trick that should speed up browsing on Chrome.

- Launch Chrome on your phone and open a new tab
– In this tab, copy the following into the address bar: chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area
– A menu will pop up where you’ll have to replace the value “128” to “256” or “512”
– Finally, click Relaunch Now.

The difference should be noticeable immediately – loading and scrolling pages should be faster, but bear in mind that this also depends on your phone’s capabilities and how much RAM you’ve got.