IKEA Rolls Out Wireless Charging Furniture in Europe

Why bother with messy and tangled cables all around your home, when you can simply use IKEA’s products to charge up your device? The famous Swedish company has a new line of furniture for its customers in Europe, one that comes with wireless charging pads for recharging your mobile phone.

Wireless charging pads

Of course, in order to use the pads, your mobile phone needs to be compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. No need to worry if it’s not! IKEA will be selling adapter cases for popular phones – iPhone 4 through iPhone 6 models, Galaxy S3 through Galaxy S5 models.

“With the help of our wireless chargers, we make charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots. We enable convenient charging throughout the home, designed for your personal needs. At the same time, we make homes more beautiful by minimizing the use of cords. Nobody likes cords, yet everyone wants a fully functional home. With our wireless chargers, it’s possible to have both,” said Björn Block, IKEA’s Range Manager for Lighting and Wireless Charging.

IKEA furniture with wireless chargers

You’ll be able to purchase the pads separately, but IKEA will also launch two nightstands, a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a desk lamp with built-in wireless chargers. And if you really want to modify your furniture on your own and install one of the wireless chargers, you’ll be able to do so with IKEA’s saw kit.

All wireless chargers will arrive with an USB outlet as well, making it possible for your to charge any additional devices that you have.