iOS 8 Tips: Add Speed-Dial to Your Notification Centre

Apple’s new iOS 8 comes with a number of improvements and innovations, and among other things, it’s easier than ever to access your favourite and recent contacts. Instead of going to your Contacts app and searching for a certain number there, you can just do the following:

1. Double tap on the Home button.
2. Tap on your desired contact.
3. Choose how you want to contact them.

Recent Contacts in iOS 8

If you’re worried that you might damage the Home button by tapping on it non-stop, you can also download the Swipe Dial widget from the Play Store. This widget allows you to add speed dial numbers to your iPhone’s Notification centre, but since it’s a freemium app, you can only add three contacts for free, and pay $0.99 for the option to add unlimited contacts.

How to Use Swipe Dial

Swipe Dial for iOS

1. Download the Swipe Dial app from the App Store.
2. In the bottom right corner, there’s an Add Contact option – tap on it (if you have more than one number in a contact, you’ll be prompted to choose one).
3. The app automatically adds a label to your number – mobile, main, work, etc. You can also re-order your favourite by tapping on Edit and then dragging your contacts around.
4. After having organized your contacts, you’ll need to enable the Swipe Dial widget, so that your contacts can become visible in the Today view in your Notification Centre.
5. Once you have enabled the widget, you can drag it down to your Notification Centre and then tap on the contact you want to call. If you want to make the call from your Lock screen, you’ll need to enter your Passcode or use your fingerprint.

Bear in mind that Swipe Dial doesn’t allow you to use FaceTime to call your favourite numbers or to message them. You can only call them.