The iPhone 6S Force Touch to Allegedly Recognize Three Different Taps

There’s been much speculation going around as to what features the new iPhones will sport. Some seem pretty likely, some rather far-fetched (no, the phones will probably not be dateable Her-style… yet). Still, one purported spec in particular seems to continually crop up in most of the gossip and that’s the Force Touch technology the latest MacBook trackpads and the Apple Watch have been boasting. The iPhone Force Touch tech is reportedly called the 3D Touch Display and there’s a pretty good explanation for the name. We’ll get to it in a bit.

Force Touch, Tap and Press

The Apple iPhone 6S Force Touch 3D technology

So, the pressure-sensitive screen in the new iPhone 6S comes with a twist—it’ll not only feature the two differentiating levels of pressure, but a total of three different kinds of taps: a regular tap, a press and a deeper press. Hence the 3D in the name.

The Apple Tech of the Future

Apple's Force Touch technology opens up possibilities

Now, this kind of tech is still pretty new to the bulk of smartphone users and most of us haven’t yet had the chance to master the two taps, let alone three. Still, such technology opens up a world of possibilities for app designers and game developers, so if the rumours are indeed true, we might be looking at a whole new era of smartphone usage. It’s just that Apple will have its hands full teaching us about this major change in the way things work.

Apart from the upcoming iPhone(s), the alleged iPad Pro should also feature this 3D technology sensitive to touch.

At any rate, on Wednesday the 9th of September—the day of the scheduled Apple event—we should know for sure. That’s only two days away, folks, so keep your shirt on and start practicing your taps. Just in case.