iPhone Photo Tricks: Red-Eye Removal

An iPhone might not be an ideal solution for photography lovers, but it does produce pretty decent pictures and comes with a couple of editing features that can be useful. One of them is the red-eye removal option. Whether you’ve taken a selfie or a photo of someone else, you can quickly go and edit out those pesky red eyes. So, if you haven’t used this option so far, today we’ll show you how to do this. :)

Red-eye removal1. Launch Photos on your iPhone.Photos app
2. Choose the photo you’d like to remove redeye from.
3. Select the Edit button in the upper right corner of your screen.
4. At the bottom will be the redeye correction tool. Tap on it.
5. Next, zoom in on the eyes of the person in the picture and tap on the redeye you’d like to correct (if your iPhone didn’t remove it automatically).
6. Once you’ve fixed up the photo, tap on Apply.
7. Finally, select Save to write over the original photo.