iPhone Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Camera

Nowadays, almost all smartphone owners use the cameras on their phones to take a number of beautiful photos (including selfies) on a daily basis. Today, we decided to share with you a couple of tips that should help you make the most of your iPhone’s camera. :)

Use the Burst Mode

The Burst Mode

Never miss a great shot again! The burst mode on your iPhone continuously takes photos, one after another, so you can be sure that the moment you wanted to capture will be saved to your phone. This can really come in handy when you want to take a photo of kids or pets or things in motion. Afterwards, you can delete the photos that you don’t like.

To use the burst mode, open the Camera app and press and hold the shutter button. When you want to stop shooting, release the shutter button. As simple as that. :)

Rule of Thirds

Camera Grid

This is an old photographer’s trick that should improve the composition of your photos. Basically, the photos look the best when the subject is placed one third or two thirds up, down, left or right. Anywhere but the center. To use the grid, go to Settings>Photos & Camera, and turn Grid to on. Position the subject along one of the lines to make your photo appear more professional.

Use the Volume Buttons to Take Photos

Volume Buttons

If you don’t have enough time to open the Camera app the regular way, or if you cannot see the screen of your iPhone very clearly (e.g. low visibility on a sunny day), you can use the volume buttons to launch your camera, and take a photo.