LG G3’s QuickCircle Case Gets Its First Game

Not too long ago, LG launched its newest flagship smartphone, the LG G3, which comes with high-end specifications and great accessories, such as the QuickCircle case. Now, the company has released a game designed to be played on the G3, but with the case closed. The game is called Puppy Pop and the idea is to match three or more puppies.

Puppy Pop is played through the QuickCircle’s small circular window and you match the puppies by drawing a line across them to make them pop. There’s a time limit and the aim is to score as many points as you can.

LG G3 QuickCircle Case Game

Puppy Pop

A fun and unique way to experience the QuickCircleTM Case, Puppy Pop also represents LG’s continuing effort to develop mobile content that enhances the functionality of its products. Puppy Pop is an example of the versatility and flexibility of the LG QCircle software development kit (SDK) available at developer.lge.com for developers to create new applications and functions for the QuickCircleTM Case.

The QuickCircle case was launched along with the LG G3 earlier this summer, and it allows you to view messages, adjust settings, control your music or even take a photo through the small circular window, while a double tap wakes it up.

You can download Puppy Pop from the Google Play Store for free, but you have to own an LG G3 and a QuickCircle case. :D