How to Make Cortana Use Google Instead of Bing

Listen, Microsoft, no one really uses Bing. Except Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man for some reason, which was, by the way, the least believable thing about that film. And the guy fights a giant lizard, for Christ sake. That said, if you’re a proud owner of Windows 10 and its search assistant Cortana, you’re probably more than a little bit frustrated that all your searches get done through Bing instead of Google. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass that, so we’re gonna show you exactly how to teach Cortana to switch to Google (much like Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Good for you, Pete, thou hath seen the light!)

Cortana Using Bing on Windows 10

Step 1: Choose Chrome as Your Default Browser

Chrome as Your Default Browser on Windows 10

Right, the subheading says it all. If you haven’t already set Google Chrome as your default browser, here’s how to do it. Go to Settings and then System > Default apps. Find the Web browser section, click on the browser that’s currently set as your default app and select Chrome from the menu. All done!

Step 2: Get Chrometana

Chrometana Extension

Now that Google Chrome is your default web browser, you’ll need a Chrome extension called Chrometana. Once you’ve installed the extension, you’ll get to a page where you can choose whether you want Google, DuckDuckGo or Yahoo as your preferred search engine. Some of you might go with the other two (hey, we’re not judging!), but since our goal was Google in the first place, that’s what we’re going to select. If you need to go back to this page at any time (to, say, stop using DuckDuckGO?), just go to Settings in Chrome, then choose Extensions > Chrometana > Options.

Step 3: Search the Net

Cortana's Google Search

Start up Cortana and begin your search—it’ll no longer be done through Bing, but Google. You’ve done it!

Congratulations, Cortana has forgotten all about Bing and is one of the cool kids now, too.