Microsoft Edge: A Browser Built for Doing

A while back, Microsoft announced that it would be “killing” Internet Explorer and launching a new browser with Windows 10, codenamed “Project Spartan”. On April 29, at its annual BUILD conference, the company shared more details about Windows 10 and this new browser – Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge browser

Why “Edge”? Well, according to Microsoft, “Edge” refers to “being on the edge of consuming and creating”. It’s a browser with a simple design, with tools that are there only to enhance your browsing experience.

What can Microsoft Edge do? Take your notes (a built-in feature), let you annotate, draw, and take notes within the browser, and the share them with friends. Edge also includes a tab page which lets you get to your frequently-used apps quickly, plus a distraction-free reading mode. You can access Cortana right from the browser, too – it helps you build your home tab page and fills it with relevant content.

Microsoft Browser

Microsoft Edge also supports Chrome and Firefox extensions – Microsoft demonstrated one of them (the Reddit Enhancement Suite) at the BUILD conference (photo above). You can take a look at the Microsoft Edge in action below.