MTP Picks: Lights On!

This week, we have decided to share with you a couple of products that will help you brighten up your living or work area, set up a certain kind of mood, or simply provide you with a warm glow in the middle of the night. :)

USB Mini LED Lamp

Xiaomi Mini LED Lamp

Available in blue and white, this practical LED lamp lets you use your device when it’s dark, without having to turn on the main lights in your house. The goose-neck design allows you to adjust the lamp the way you want, and thanks to the USB interface, it can pair with any laptop, power bank, or other gadget with a USB power source.

Smart LED Candles

Playbulb LED Candles

The set includes three flameless candles that you can use either with your iOS or Android device. Not only do they provide you with light, but they also act as scent diffusers. The candles change colours, and their brightness and effects can be controlled, and they can also be used as candle holders. They are portable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Smart Speaker and a Led Light in One

Speaker and LED Light

Why not listen to your favourite songs and light up your surroundings at the same time? PLAYBULB offers music playback, while appropriate apps control the light, EQ selection, and operating modes. This gadget is supported by most devices that come with Bluetooth connectivity.